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Spotify Playlist Submission

Spotify playlists are a great way to be discovered, and these days it is more likely a track will be discovered on a Spotify playlist than the Radio.  Playlists have some huge benefits for us,  because it allows us to push our music to a more targeted audience. This means that the audience is more likely going to enjoy it, which is so important when it comes to music. The biggest problem is getting our music on popular playlists.

We have created some Spotify playlists in various genres and styles, They are still in early stages, but we are hoping they will grow with time and with your support! We think the only way an independent artist can break through these days is to work together.

Send us your tracks and playlists through our new website,  and we will Listen to them and then add them to our catalog to help build your audience.

This is a free service so please only send ‘1 track per playlist per week’.  We will be uploading select Spotify playlist submissions once a week, and we will try to email you to let you know.:) Some Playlists we do not own but we will pitch to them for you.

Spotify Playlist Submission

There are some other useful Free Spotify Playlist Submission websites:

0. most importantly – Axiom Records –

1. Indiemono.

Biggest playlist: Sad Songs (373,000 followers).
Submission link:

2. Soundplate.

Biggest playlist: Selected : Soundplate (4,400 followers).
Submission link:

3. Spingrey.

Biggest playlist: it’s LIT (27,000 followers).
Submission link:

4. Simon Field.

Biggest playlist: Ibiza Deep House (132,000 followers).
Submission link:

5. Deep Root Records (formerly Tropikult).

Biggest playlist: Deep in the Tropics (4,500 followers).
Submission link:

6. Soave Records (formerly Selected Sounds).

Biggest playlist: Sunny Chills (8,800 followers).
Submission link:

7. Daily Playlists.

Biggest playlist: Hip Hop Daily (1,000 followers).
Submission link:

8: Work Hard Playlist Hard.

Biggest playlist: Fashion Store Sounds (5,300 followers).
Submission link:

Resources :

I have Sourced some of this information from this great article…Work hard playlist.

Another Good site with some great articles and Spotify Playlist Promotion is ‘Heat on the streets‘.

Spotify Playlist Submission

How to create a good Spotify Playlist

1, Listen to as much music as you possibly can.

2, Try to keep up to date with the latest music and the up and coming artists.

3, Only use music you actually like, this is extremely important.  Allot of people seem to chose music by popularity rather than to taste.

4, Share your Playlist on your social media, this is another extremely important practice that can make a massive difference.

5, Play your playlist every where you go. this goes without saying really. ( in the car, at parties, etc)

6, Follow other good playlists and keep up to date with the changes that they make.

7, Add your own cover art, besides that you can add a brand or a logo to your art work.

8, Update the lists regularly (once a week is good).

9, Label your Spotify playlists appropriately and relevantly to the music on the playlist!, this helps when people search for music.

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Definition of Playlist

A list of recordings to be played on the air by a radio station, also a similar list used for organizing a personal digital music collection.

sourced =

Spotify Playlist Submission

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