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Here you can find some of the Interviews and album/single write up from 2018 with DJ Phonon aka Axiom Records

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Interview: Aside from music with DJ Phonon

EXCLUSIVE: DJ Phonon – IDWTBF – Behind the Scenes Interview

Interview: DJ Phonon


DJ Phonon And His Top 10 Musical Influencers


DJ Phonon – Karma


Top 10 Plugins with DJ Phonon

Interview: Behind the scenes of ‘Nobody’ with DJ Phonon

End Of Year Review 2018 with DJ Phonon

DJ Phonon: Behind The Scenes-“Rain In The Summer”

DJ Phonon – Behind The Scenes Of ‘With You’

Music Production 101: DJ Phonon


Interview | Questions & Answers With DJ Phonon

DJ Phonon – “We Run The Streets” | @Axiom_records |

Et pendant ce temps dans le reste du monde #78


DJ Phonon And His Top 10 Musical Influencers

Entrevista EDMred: Dj Phonon

DJ Phonon — Original Funk [Club House, Deep house]

DJ Phonon – “Original Funk” | @Axiom_records |

Behind The Scenes: ‘Original Funk’ by DJ Phonon



DJ Phonon – Behind The Scenes Of ‘With You’



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