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It has taken us a long time to find out what the professionals use to promote their music!

I have used a few different PR Companies in my time, and time again these websites have turn up on my analytics.

1. SubmitHub – Great for networking / blogs / playlists

2. Pumpyoursound – Soundcloud reposts and Spotify / Fangates

3. Repost exchange – Soundcloud reposts / Fangates

4. SC SCHDULER interactive scheduler / calendar

5. FIVERR -for cheap radio promo

6. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc

7. Reverb nation for the opportunities section.

8. Soundbetter – Find work and Work with Pro’s

9. Addmefast / youlikehits / Socialclerks etc

10. Chartmetic, Spotontrack , spotify for artist – stats

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Music Promotion

Here alittle Playlist for you! free submissions

Music marketing is the general activity while music promotion is just a subset of that. To further clarify, music marketing is the holistic development of your band’s overall package to acquire new listeners and convert them into loyal fans. source