Join Us!

We are looking to expand Axiom Records, and are looking for a few people to help the company grow! If you have something to offer the company then please fill out the form below.

We are a growing company and we do have a budget to promote our music and build a fan base, It would be great for you to join us and help build the company!

1,  Axiom Records is looking for an IT/PR Wizz who doesn’t mind doing Blog Posts, Mass email marketing, Social Media stuff, PR work Inputting Playlist submissions, submitting to playlists, Blogs, general upkeep of WordPress and developing where necessary etc. Wages Can be discussed = depending on how much work is done. Commission on certain work is also an option/Royalties. 

2, We are Looking for another Producer to work as a team along side Phonon. Shooting Ideas back an forth, Straight collaboration.  All music would be released under Axiom Records but be as Phonon and… (not a feat.) or Under a different name or ghost if you would prefer everything can be discussed.  It would be a royalty based Job. 

3, Vocalists more the merrier! we are looking for new permanent Vocalists. female and male welcome, rapper or singers. It would be great to get a Fugees / beastie boys / Black eyed peas style group together. It would have to be royalty based, and some one who has there own recording equipment and is capable of recording and editing their own vocals.

4, We are looking for a DJ/ Front man to play the music live, and also help with the music side of things, if you can produce as well even better! Paid gigs/commision and possibly royalties.

We looking forward to working with you.


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