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Here are a few of Phonon’s Influences, “there are so many artists and musician out there that it would be hard to right all of them down, But here are a few key ones.”


Bob Marley
DJ Phonon: Bob Marley has to be my number one influence and biggest inspiration. I have always listened to his early Ska albums and loved every track. It’s full of soul, hope, energy and realism.

The Fugees
DJ Phonon: I mean what can I say… with Wyclef, Lauryn Hill and Pras Michel this was always going be one of the best American Hip-hop groups of the 90’s with their unbelievable talent and creativity. I love the interaction between vocal melodies and rap and also the production is next level.

DJ Phonon: Diplo for me is an inspiration as he is an incredible producer who makes all the genres I love. I’m always excited to hear his new work to see what new techniques he has used.

Daft Punk
DJ Phonon: Continuously bringing out epic tracks, they had to be on my list. The funky fun vibe they create is a huge inspiration to me. They really are pioneers in my eyes. Their sound is timeless.

DJ Phonon: One of the bands I listened to a lot when I was younger. The first track I learned on the guitar was a Nirvana track. Nirvana Unplugged was played until the tape ripped too. So much soul in Kurt’s voice and I am mega fan of Dave Grohl as well.

Paco de Lucia
DJ Phonon: A Flamenco god. The more I got into guitar, the more I listened to Paco. He has unbelievable skill and levels of concentration. A true influence to me! That much dedication to one instrument! I really love his music, and there is much to be learned from him.

James Brown
DJ Phonon: No introduction needed – the godfather of soul. What a voice. The connection between him and the band is indescribable. They work as one and hold a groove like no other. I would like to bring that much of a groove to my music, this is an aspiration for me.

Dr Dre
DJ Phonon: He has one of the best ears in the industry and every time I hear a Dr Dre track, I just have no idea how he gets everything sounding so crisp and perfect.  His productions are some of the best I have ever heard. 

DJ Phonon: Crazy good sound designer, I have always been in to dubstep, way before Skrillex, but when I heard his first album I was blown away. Great production and
insane amounts of creativity; he has something very special going on and I often listen to his tracks for ideas.

Son House
DJ Phonon: One of my favourite Blues musicians; I love his style, his raw vocals and deep lyrics. The way his hand leaves the guitar and creates a percussive sound is brilliant – a true legend.

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