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Its never easy making money in the music industry! I have struggled for years and even now I find it extremely hard to make good money! The problem I have had is that it has never been about the money for me. Its just trying to balance your love for music with the business of music! 

Its only recently I have really started to take the Business side of things more seriously.  Anyway I will be writing alittle about some of the things I have learnt along the way on the How to make money in the music industry page…

1. Good Music

You must have good Music! this is so important. You don’t want to be promoting crap music! ha  these days there’s so much competition you have to be on your A game.  The hardest thing is to know if you do have good content.

  • Be self critical. 
  • Be Realistic about the sound. 
  • Get reviews from as many people as possible.
  • Listen to what people say. 
  • watch there reactions when they listen to the music.
  • Have regular listening sessions.
  • Add your music to playlists and see if it fits in or at least if the sound quality fits in.
  • Use A/B When mixing/mastering to help your sound.
  • Watch Tutorials on Youtube / documentaries / masterclasses / Biographies 
  • Listen to your influences. 
  • Listen to all types of music!
  • Get good software, My production improved so much when I payed out for UAD It really is worth the money!

There are a few good websites that can help you with reviews , Submithub.com is a good start!

2. Release your music

There are many different online distribution companies and they are all very similar,  the main differences are that you might pay a percentage on each track sale, or you will pay a monthly/yearly payment. I use AWAL and Distrokid both companies are very good. Distrokid will suit the label’s better as you can very easily pay people through and auto paypal function. Just sends your artist an email with a link on it..

  • Soundcloud needs know intro.
  • Mixcloud is a good place for DJ’s to up load their sets and build a fan base.

3. Fan Base 

My Biggest Problem is trying to get fans. Maybe I need to refer to number one again hah.  If you can tare yourself away from writing music (unlike me) and actually get out there and play your music live this would be the best option! 

  • Live performance. Here you can get people to follow you on your streaming services and social, sell mechs, promote yourself and play great music! 

If your like me and don’t play live just love composing and producing, you can still build a fan base, its much easy now what with the internet an all.

  • Build a website with pop ups asking people to follow you! >)
  • Write interesting articles about How to make Money in the Music industry.
  • Use Social media to spread the word about up and coming music and your latest news. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter at the very least!
  • Be Social on the sites you use. repost/share other peoples tracks, write nice comments, follow, like, play and add them to your Playlists.
  • Blog promotion some you will have to pay and some for free! Places Like Submithub, and Fiverr you can submit to blogs
  • Pay for Promotion this one you will need to be careful that you are getting real followers and not bots! although it looks good to have a million followers it will not really help you earn money at all.. you need organic followers who enjoy your music and will come back time again. This is why you need good music>)Daimoon.media (which Im Trying now), Organic Music Marketing, AMW GROUPView Maniac  I used this one for Spotify Playlist Promo! Although these are PR companies they do spotify and soundcloud promo, they are best at what they do and they have a massive client list so they are worth the money if you have it!
  • PR Companies I used a PR company Matt Caldwell for over a year and although they didn’t make me any money, I found my music and my brand really started to come together. My music improved so much!. It was more of an artist development plan for me. I did gain a few new fans/followers as well. If you are already an established artist this will help you even more!Find PR here Top10pr
  • Radio Promo Planetary Group will be the best radio promo you could ever do! I did use them and it was expensive and I wasn’t ready but the service was great and the feed back was also essential for me to develop. they did everything and more that they said they would! On the cheaper side of things Fiverr will be your best bet>) the opportunity section on Reverbnation is always quite good. (I got my music played at New York fashion week and on a few indie documentaries using reverb nation).

All these things can definitely help build a fan base which is essential to making money in the industry.

How to make money in the music industry

4. Provide a Service

  • Use websites like Soundbetter  Providing you have a way of recording or somewhere you can record/edit/producer/sing etc you can make money on this website! make a profile and see what happens. this site is great to help you improve your music as well as you can work with artist and musician as well! I use this site regularly and I have had some fantastic collaborations.
  • Session playing make up business cards and hand them out to studios, advertise as much as possible – LinkedIn Mandy
  • Teaching take adds out in the local papers, hang out at music shops and put up flyers – LinkedIn Mandy
  •  Sound Engineering! Local venues, weddings, theatres etc


5. Playlist Promtion

This is one of the largest growing industries at this time for music, If you can get your music an Big List you get money and you get new fans!

We do have a playlist submission page if you want us to upload some of your music for free, well for a follow>)! Our Playlists are growing fast and you will get some plays!  There are Loads of other websites as well you can submit to.

1. Submithub

Submission link: https://www.submithub.com/submit  SubmitHub is an easy way to share songs with music bloggers, record labels, radio stations, Spotify playlisters and YouTube or SoundCloud channels.

2. Indiemono

Submission link: indiemono.com/music-submit Indiemono is focused in Spotify Playlists & the discovery of new talent, indie bands and artists.

3. Soundplate
Submission link: https://play.soundplate.com/ Soundplate is a Record label & Electronic Music Platform. You can submit music to Spotify playlist curators, and also discover new sounds.
4. Work Hard Playlist Hard
Submission link: workhardplaylisthard.com/submit Work Hard Playlist Hard empowering independent artists with the latest information and tips on streaming music services. They take submissions, and you can also submit music to hundreds of independent Spotify playlist curators.

5. For The Love Of Bands

Submission link: https://fortheloveofbands.com/submit/ For The Love Of Bands promotes, reviews and features any artist for free. They give also helpful tips to assist artists in promoting their tracks on social media, Spotify, Soundcloud, and more.

6. Artist Intelligence Agency

Submission link: https://portal.artistintelligence.agency/ Artist Intelligence Agency’s Music Submission Portal makes a smooth and easy submission process, where you’ll get real-time feedback directly from the A&R team.

7. Daily Playlists

Submission link: dailyplaylists.com/submit-a-track Daily Playlists regroups independent Spotify Playlists, updated regularly with new music & reviews.

8. Soave Records

Submission link: soaverecords.com/playlists Soave Records is a dutch label & blog sharing new music daily, with mainly summer feels.

9. Howard Zhu

Submission link: http://bit.ly/1spotify1 Howard Zhu is an independent Spotify playlist curator. He runs a +100,000 followers ‘Pop/R&B/Club’ playlist, frequently updated.

10. Simon Field

Submission link: bit.ly/2zOx4UR Simon Field is a Deep House producer based in Oslo, Norway. He curates one of the largest independent playlists for electronic music.

6. Brand

You will need to work on getting a good brand for your self, something everyone can remember you by. find a font or image and use it on everything! it will fine tune its self the more you grow!

I hope you have enjoyed reading the How to Make money in the music industry page>) Please show your support and Follow Phonon on his social media!>)

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