How to become a music Producer 101

How to be a music producer 101
How to be a music producer 101

Welcome to how to become a music producer 101! I thought I would write a few things that have helped me become a better producer. some things I learnt over the years that have definitely made my life easier!

Its quite hard to really know exactly what a producer is, as there are so many different types of music producer. I mean you get the ones that just say I think it needs a fill at the end of bar 4 and then there’s the ones that play the fill at the end of bar 4. There’s a Hugh grey area, as long as your making the music sound better and you have a good idea of how it should sound, then your half way there and you can probably become a music producer. One thing is for sure the more you know about music and the more you can do, the better! 

This is also a great read!

Step one is to work hard, and I don’t mean 8 till 5 with a couple of breaks in between. I mean really work hard. 16hours days for a few years should just about do it!haha you really need determination and never stop trying. which can be very difficult if your not making enough money to survive.  check out my How to make money in the music industry for more tips on that! 

Step Two Is to work in the direction of what you want, knowing what to research! sometimes it takes years to figure out something just because your not aware of it, if that makes sense. For example I didn’t know about sidechaining till around three years ago and for a long time I couldn’t work out why my music wasn’t pumping haha.. it wasn’t till I watched a masterclass that I found out. 

Step Three is Listening, the key thing to producing is listening! focusing on Vocals and instruments in great detail! You don’t want to release your track and there’s a load of clipping all over it or the bass is so muddy you can’t here anything under a 100hz, or the transitions just sound terrible. 

Step Four Learn how to use music plugins and DAW  – hardware / Software, don’t want to turn up to session and not know what a limiter is ha

So here’s a few things to help with these steps

1, Set aside time specially for music! most people will have jobs, so its very hard to find the time but if you actually schedule to do it then it usually will happen. For me, I take months out and spend the entire time doing it. 

2, Try and find the Time at work to practise your listening skills. Listen to your own music and other people’s music, People that influence you!. Break down the latest track that’s just come out. ask questions like how did they get that sound? how did they create that much energy? or why does it make me feel this? Why do people like this track? Why are they the best producer?

3, When your not doing music or at work, watch YouTube tutorials, documentary’s, masterclass’s, Biographies,

4, Try different DAW’s to find out which one suits you. I use Cubase 10, I have been using it for many years. A lot of the modern producers use Ableton or FL.

5, Practise sound design with your desired synth. I find Serum quite easy, but all of them take a little getting used to, there are many tutorials on every VST you can find.

Here’s My top 10 plugins.

1. UAD

My latest and most valuable purchase I made this year is the UAD Octo satellite. The plugins inside are unbelievable! They are so realistic and useful. It’s now without doubt my most used plugin. I bought a range of different plugins From UAD and I can find a use for almost all of them, they really have helped scalped my sound and progress as a Composer/Producer.

If I could choose 10 of them from UAD, it would be these:

Ampex ATR-102

SSL bus compressor

UAD SSL 4000 E channel strip



Teletronix LA-2A

Fairchild 670


Dangerous BAX master EQ

Lexicon 224 reverb

2. Reaktor 5

I love the soft round bass sounds and I use it on every single one of my tracks! This is how I begin to create an 808 sound.

3. Serum

I use this for the ease of sound design more than anything. If I want to try and create a new sound or a particular element I will generally use Serum.

4. Kontact

This is the best sampler player ever! It has so many great instruments with retro machines being one of my favourites; I use this Plugin on nearly every one of my Tracks.

5. Nexus

This is another new synth plugin I’ve recently purchased and it has really incredible pre-sets. It has many familiar sounds in its library from a lot of major pop tracks out there at the moment. Good quality and ready to use.

6. Valhalla room

Real nice reverb for an affordable price! It’s really easy to use as well, one of my go-to reverbs for sure! (I also really like the rc48 from the NI Komplete)

7. Steinberg’s Groove agent

I love this sampler, it’s so easy to use and easy to navigate through if you want to change something.

8. Ozone 8 Advanced

This is a really good guide to mastering and producing a professional sounding track. I use it a lot just as a reference.

9. Slyenth

This synth has a good all-round sound to it and is used in many radio tracks just like nexus. I like to use it to help with inspiration when creating a track. I love the keys sounds and the bass libraries.

10.Vienna Symphonic Library

This has incredibly realistic and beautiful sounds and is very useful when creating a film score or soundtrack.


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