Welcome to About Axiom

Welcome to About Axiom

Meet the founder Scott Moores (AKA Phonon)

Scott was born and raised in a southern seaside town in England called Barton on sea.  From a very young age he started playing many different instruments, and joined many different bands. Genres ranging from reggae, grunge, drum ‘n’ bass, brass bands and even classical orchestra’s.

His love for music took him to music college and university, where he continued to increase his knowledge and helped him to develop his skills in many areas such as music tech,  recording,  producing, playing and composition. Wanting to Learn more about other cultures, rhythms and the roots of music he started to travel the world. Reaching over 40 countries his love for travel definitely reflects through his music. Still traveling today he records on the move with his laptop and sampler, only returning home to finalise his Ideas.  

About Axiom! ‘Starting a record company has always been a dream and I guess I’m lucky that technology has developed along side me making it all possible. The internet has really opened up so many doors and being able to take a mobile recording studio traveling with me everywhere I go is just incredible! My real dream is just to write good music  for as long as I live’

About Axiom

About Axiom

Biography –  
Scott Moores (born Feb 15, 1982), better known by his producer name DJ Phonon, is an
English record producer, songwriter and Multi instrumentalist.

He is the co-founder and lead Producer of the EDM record label Axiom Records. He also
owns a Film and TV sound track company called Omae studios which has many credits to its name including New York fashion week and Cannes and London film festival.

From a young age Scott has been composing, Playing and preforming music. he has a wide range of instruments that he can play including Guitar, Bass, Piano, Trombone, and

When he finished Music University he headed overseas and started to travel the world,
immersing him self in other cultures and broadening his mind to different genres,
that you can definitely hear in his Eclectic Deep house sound. He has covered more than 40 countries in his travels and has played and created music with many Artists and Musicians. 

Among other jobs, he has worked as an EOOW on Super yachts.

Deep House Pop Dubstep
House Synth Wave Hip Hop