10 Music Production Tips

Welcome to our 10 Music Production Tips page

Here are ten quick tips to help you make a better music.

  1. Mix in Mono until the end. This really does help.
  2. Layers. build layers through out your music.
  3. Mix at low volumes, this makes the loud instruments stand out.
  4. Keep your low frequencies in Mono for finally mix. 
  5. Master side-chaining. this can really make your track bounce
  6. Keep your vocals loud and clear.
  7. Use A/B. Compare your track with another.
  8. Sculpt your mix/master. make it sound how you want it to sound.
  9. Cut Frequency. Slice the Frequencies out. cut what you don’t need.
  10. Watch Other people’s music videos to your music.

We hope you have enjoyed this tips and we hope you find them useful!


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